Burgan Alkhaleej

Global Trading L.L.C

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Our activity is focused on three major areas, Manufacturing, Research & Development, Consulting & General trading. 

We produce petrochemical based products such as paraffin wax, micro wax, petroleum jelly and cable jells. Another department of our company focuses on recycling and environmental products. Furthermore we have expanded our activities into biomedical, pharmaceutical and the cosmetic field.

The general trading wing of Burgan Al Khaleej is focused on agricultural, pharmaceutical and industrial goods.

Welcomed by the hospitality of the locals, our company is honored to be one of the fast moving trading companies in the UAE. Being connected to several research groups and universities, Burgan Al Khaleej has one of the most promising Research & Development departments in Middle East. Our dedicated research activities are focused in projects which inhale the nature-technology bonds. Furthermore, we are a team of innovative businessmen, engineers and consultants who provide economical and creative solutions for your problems.